For many years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the hardest working and innovative founders and teams as they work tirelessly to build their businesses. I have but a small part in creating or rejuvenating their brands or fleshing out their visual identity. I love it and I pour everything I have into it to help them to stand out and hopefully succeed.


Exploration, Fact Finding, Listening, Questioning, Strategic Planning, Logo Design and Design Execution.

The result is a complete visual design system and the beginning of a unique brand identity.

It’s then over to you. Your visual identity is in place but your brand is steadily evolving running in the background through your services, website, communication, promtotions and most importantly; you and your teams personality. These daily connections are where your brand will thrive or fail in the minds of your existing and future customers and clients


Web Design, Promotional Print Material, Illustration, 3D Design, Animation, Video, Photography, Packaging, Signage,  Front-end App Design (UI/UX), Art Direction

Our core creative concepts are most often rooted in the clients story.

For example; the green and blue in ARQ are taken from the colours of the sea as a nod to the founders Naval Experience. Look closely at the ITS logo and you should be able to see the three letters carved by the swing of the Universal Robot. The Ostoform logo is a simplified version of the medical device itself.

There’s always depth, story and consideration that ties back to your brand identity. And of course, consistency is key in all this communication.


UX applies to anything that can be experienced - be it a website or dashboard, a car interior, or a visit to Ikea.

UI/UX Design is intricately intertwined with all our Design Communications.

The goal of UI/UX is to create a seamless and intuitive experience for the user, ensuring that they can easily navigate and accomplish their tasks while enjoying a positive and engaging interaction.

This is especially apparent in the design of custom systems and dashboards. It’s a complicated and rigorous process - and I love it!

We design for the real world. We know that good design has the power to bring about real change and we’ve proved it time and time again. We build strong relationships with founders, CEOs & leadership teams. If you have a project in mind, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

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